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E-study for July 29, 2021

Devotional:  1 Peter 3:1-22  From Holly:  While Peter seems to move from speaking of following Christ’s example when persecuted and entrusting ourselves to His saving sacrifice on our behalf to a pointed teaching to the women in his audience, I believe he is actually continuing his call to honor authority […]

E-news for July 8, 2021

Devotional:  1 Peter 1:1-25   From Holly:    The first thing I notice is that Peter writes this letter to “the elect sojourners of the dispersion”.  Elect comes from a word that means “chosen out, select; by implication, favorite”.  Sojourners is from a word that means “”an alien alongside”, i.e., a “resident foreigner”; it […]

E-study for June 24, 2021

Devotional:   Malachi 3:1-18  From Holly:  Often prophecies have multiple layers in them, both announcements of near events and those that involve the last days of this sinful world system and Christ’s second coming.  At first glance, this seemed to be the case here in Malachi 3.  Verse 1 definitely falls into […]