Leadership Team

Midway Community Covenant Church is a member of The Evangelical Covenant Church, which follows a
congregational polity form of church governance. This means that the authority of the government of
this church is vested in its membership acting through congregational meetings.

The management, administration and oversight of business and spiritual affairs are delegated by the
congregation to the Leadership Team.

The Leadership Team of Midway Community Covenant Church is comprised of the Lead Pastor and up to
eight other elected members. They are responsible for building, maintaining and overseeing the spiritual
welfare of the congregation and for directing and overseeing all ministries and business affairs of the

  • Lead Pastor: Rev. Shaun Higgins
  • Chair: Ruth Hill
  • Vice-Chair: Marlys DuPleich
  • Financial Officer: Don Paige
  • Secretary: Marti Day
  • At Large: Gerald MacDicken