Copyright Policy

Statement on Copyright

This website, its design, photos, and content, except where explicitly noted to the contrary, are copyrighted by the Midway Community Covenant Church, Des Moines, Washington (ECC) and its’ developers. The web pages, photos and information may not be copied, published, re-transmitted, uploaded or summarized without prior, explicit, written permission. The materials are provided for viewing by individual users through a World Wide Web browser, and no rights are given to download any portion of the material beyond what would be considered reasonable under “fair use” doctrines.


Some information, content, scripts and graphics on this site have been provided with permission by other groups, whether ministries, public domain script archives or developers of other websites. MCCC will make every effort to give proper credit for such information.

Just Ask Policy

That said, our basic policy is that we’ve worked hard for many years on designing, developing and maintaining this website. We’d rather our work not be borrowed or stolen. However, if you ask us, we’ll generally let you borrow elements of it or even help you. We’ve been approached a number of times so far and are generally only opposed to people taking our work without asking first.

For permissions, contact us at




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