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E-study for May 13, 2021

Devotional:  Romans 12:3-8  From Holly:  Background:  Paul has finished telling his readers (who are all trusters in Christ’s sacrifice on the cross) the wonderful things that God has done in and for them through Christ’ offering.  Now he turns to explain how each of us can live out practically our gratitude […]

E-study for May 20, 2021

Devotional:  Romans 12:3-8  From Holly:  Reading this section from my Complete Jewish Bible, the first part of verse 6 kind of jumped out at me this time around.  “But we have gifts that differ and which are meant to be used according to the grace that has been given to us. […]

E-News for May 23–29, 2021

CELEBRATING PENTECOST SUNDAY—THE BIRTHDAY OF THE CHURCH! What a joy it is to come together with our sister churches to celebrate the birth of the early church through the power of the Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit empowers God’s people to spread the gospel, encourage one another in the church, […]