Jonah 3

Senior Pastor Shaun Higgins teaches on Jonah 3. This is the third sermon in the series on The Book of Jonah. In the third chapter of Jonah, we see the prophet’s change of heart as he obediently proclaims God’s message of impending judgment on the wicked Ninevites. What a reminder that we serve a God of second chances who pursues us with patient and persistent love. Our disobedience doesn’t change God; on the contrary, His relentless love changes us! This four-week sermon series shows God’s great love and relentless pursuit of sinful people. From renegade cities to rebellious prophets, nobody is beyond God’s reach! When Jonah initially rejects God’s call to preach to the city of Ninevah, he finds himself floating in a sea of regret. We also learn that there are costs, to ourselves and those around us, when we try to outrun God’s purpose for our lives.