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Staffing & Leadership Changes

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Dear Midway Covenant Family,

There is a lot happening these days and, then again, there is a lot not happening.  We, your leadership team, want you to know that we are working away to try and make things a little more “normal”.  That being said we have a couple announcements to make that we are excited about.  

To begin with, as you know Annie is no longer our office manager.  Fortunately – if there is anything “fortunate” about this whole coronavirus situation – there hasn’t been near the workload necessary to run the office.  However, there are things that need doing. Ron Town has been very helpful working in the office doing the basics that need to be accomplished and we are excited to announce that Malcolm and Valerie Brewer have stepped up and volunteered to help in any way they can.  The office will remain closed for the time being but Malcolm and Valerie will be working in the office a couple of days a week. We also want you to know that if you call the office and nobody answers, please leave a message. They will be listening to the messages and responding as needed.  Also, if you email the office, they will be reading them. Your communications to the office are being heard/read.

The second exciting announcement is that Ruth Hill has graciously accepted our invitation to become a member of our team.  She brings a wealth of experience and wisdom that will be most appreciated. More importantly, she brings a servant’s heart and a desire to join us in moving Midway Community Covenant Church in a positive direction being sensitive to God’s will and spirit.

We continue to trust in Him,

Your Leadership Team
Midway Community Covenant Church