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Regathering Information from the Leadership Team

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Dear Midway Community Covenant Church,

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It has been four months since we have last been able to fellowship together in our church home. We deeply lament the loss of gathered worship, prayer, and discipleship as a body. It has not been easy and we grieve the loss of this in-person connection. While we are deeply grateful for the ability to connect through our online worship, phone calls, emails and Zoom meetings, we realize this is not the way we hope to do church indefinitely!

The safety and health of our congregation and our community is the highest priority. We have now prepared protocols (see the link below) in compliance with the Washington State requirements for Religious and Faith-Based organizations that we will share with you; we have secured necessary supplies and equipment for your safety and to fulfill those requirements. We have created additional sanitizing structures following each use of the building.

As of June 19, we are in Phase 2 in Washington State. According to State guidelines, we can now accommodate 25% of our seating capacity and are organizing for two opportunities:

  • Because we have a large sanctuary and a small congregation, we can accommodate seating for 25 parties (either a single person, couple or family), each 6’ from others, in our sanctuary for Sunday morning services, while live-streaming the service to those choosing that option.
  • We can accommodate small groups of up to 12 people at a hexagon-shaped table arrangement in the Fellowship Hall. Small group leaders would need to arrange with the Church Office for its use and commit to following all protocols approved by the Leadership Team.

We are tentatively aiming for our first worship regathering to be on Sunday, August 2. What a day of rejoicing that will be! Small groups leaders can now reserve the meeting space in the Fellowship Hall (follow protocols linked below).

In the process of ensuring we have adequate space for everyone, we ask that each week, you please register your intent to join us in person. You can do so by visiting our website event registration page (linked below).

We will remain in communication with our Pacific Northwest conference for guidance, we will remain in dedicated prayer, and continue to hold the many necessary conversations about regathering while we discern how to navigate the fluid nature of this storm. And certainly, we will continue to record and stream the services for the foreseeable future for our valued members who are unable to gather, or for whom it is not safe to do so.

With you in spirit, apart – but – together in the name of Jesus Christ,

Midway Covenant Pastors, Leadership Team & Staff

Pastor Deb Gustafson, Pastor Shaun Higgins, Ruth Hill, Stephen Hoyt, Rick Gettis, Josh Kelley, Marlys Dupleich, Don Paige, Brittany DeLong, Ken Walugembe, Lori-Lee Morse.