Loving God, Loving One Another, Loving the World

Prayer Requests from Cascades Camp

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  • Thanks for another fantastic summer of ministry at Cascades
  • Prayer for all the campers, families, and guests who were impacted by Christ at Cascades and for seeds that were sown.
  • Prayer for upcoming fall NPC Conference events: Women’s & Men’s retreats, Pastor/Staff/Families retreat, Middle School “Thunder” retreat.

Campaign Specific

  • Prayer for the grant that has been successfully submitted to the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust
  • Need for a major donor team leader for Oregon
  • Continued prayer for the formation of campaign teams
  • Continued prayer for all of the background and start-up efforts: planning, creation of materials, recruiting, etc.
  • Continued prayer for the campaign cabinet: Tom Moline, Donna Larson, Maggie Englund, Terry Whitcomb, Don Goehner
  • Prayer for Campaign Team Leaders: Gary Peterson (Prayer), Marie & Alex Carlson (Staff & Alumni), Donna Larson (Major Gifts), Donna Larson & Tom Moline (Honorary Committee).

In Christ,

Rob Mohrweis
Associate Director
Cascades Camp & Conference Center