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Letter to the Congregation

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Dear Midway friends,

As some of you have become aware, at the upcoming Annual Meeting of the Covenant there will be a vote on the recommendation of the ECC Executive Board to remove First Covenant Church Minneapolis from membership in the denomination. The issues that have precipitated this vote are outlined in the attached documents, which include 1) a letter from John Wenrich, the ECC President, 2) the formal recommendation from the Executive Board, and 3) a response letter from the pastor of First Covenant Church Minneapolis. I would encourage you to read these documents and to be in prayer for the Annual Meeting, which will take up this vote on Friday, June 28. You can also find more detailed documents at this link:




If you have any questions, you can feel free to contact me at any time. If you have input on this issue that you would like our Midway delegates to consider, please send those to me by email (djohnson@midcov.org) and I will send those on to our delegates. There will also be opportunity for questions and discussion at our semi-annual meeting on Saturday, June 22.


Above all, please be in prayer for God's direction for the Annual Meeting and for the unity of our Covenant as we work through a challenging period in our history.




Pastor David