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Leadership Team Member Changes

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Dear Midway Family,

I would like you to be aware of some recent changes to the MCCC Leadership Team (LT).  Due to personal reasons, Judy Nelson tendered her resignation and Daryl Fuskerud is taking a leave of absence. For this reason, John DeLong was appointed to fulfill the remaining term for Judy and Stephen Hoyt was appointed to fill in for Daryl until he feels he is ready to resume his duties on the LT.

In addition, the LT will be nominating Don Paige and Josh Kelley at the January annual meeting to
fill open positions on the LT.  This will then put the LT at 7 members with the following responsibilities:

John DeLong, Chairman
Stephen Hoyt-Vice Chairman
Rick Gettis-Treasurer
Paul Hansen-Secretary
Marlys Dupleich-member
Josh Kelly-member
Don Paige-member

Please feel free to contact any of these LT members with comments or concerns.

Yours in Christ,

John DeLong

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