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Dear Friends,

In my Greek studies I learned that penultimate means the second-to-last, which in Greek vocabulary had relevance relative to syllables. I think. It’s been a long time. Anyway, this is my penultimate CovChurch Now, with retirement for me just around the corner at the end of the summer.

I am pleased to report that Covenant transitions are well underway. At our just completed Annual Meeting, with record attendance, the delegates elected three new leaders.

  • John Wenrich will become the tenth president of the ECC Sept. 1
  • Lance Davis will be the new executive minister for Develop Leaders/Ordered Ministry September 1
  • Mary Surridge will be the next president of North Park University Aug. 15

In addition to these three, we also installed Catherine Gilliard as superintendent of the Southeast Conference, and Glenn Peterson as superintendent of the Canada Conference.

We further celebrated the receiving of 16 new churches, the ordination and consecration of more than 60 pastors and missionaries. You can download a complete summary and watch videos of each session at the Gather 2018 website.

I was especially humbled by the recognition that I received in many different forms: personal words, a book of letters, a formal citation, and the raising already of $970,000 towards a $1 million strategic initiative fund (you can be the one to put it over the top!). Thanks to each and every one of you for making the Covenant such a unique and special corner of the Kingdom. To hear my heart about what the Covenant has meant to me, watch this.

For more than just an Annual Meeting summary, you can read and download a complete Annual Report with updates from each of our ministry areas.

And now pray for CHIC! With nearly 5,000 students set to show up very soon in Tennessee, we know God will also show up in powerful ways. Pray for each student to be attentive to the work of the Holy Spirit in his/her life, for decisions that will be made, for God to be honored, and for the world to be blessed for years to come by the new trajectory of servanthood that will emerge.


Gary Walter

Gary Walter Signature

Gary B. Walter, President

5 Mission Priorities Update

Develop Leaders

Living Forward is an SPE revisioning cohort for ministers 58+ who have been in long-term ministry in a variety of settings. Beginning in October, we will come together for contemplative exercises, presentations for thought and discussion, laughter, community building, and discernment.

Learn More about Living Forward

Serve Globally

One of the ways the church engages in mission is through intercession. As Christ followers, we join God’s transformative work by praying together in faithful mission for the transformation of the world. Join Covenanters in praying for Serve Globally’s national partners and missionaries around the world through our Missionary Prayer Calendar.

Order a copy of the Prayer Calendar

Love Mercy Do Justice

CHIC is quickly approaching! Every student at CHIC will have the opportunity to experience the Love Mercy Do Justice Basecamp where we lay the biblical foundation for why we must love mercy and do justice (LMDJ), in faithfully following Jesus. We will then equip students to begin loving mercy and doing justice in their contexts through building an awareness of justice issues that affect our daily lives and the lives of our neighbors, through contextualized learning, and through demonstrating creative avenues for pursuing faith-rooted advocacy. Join us in committing together to UNITE around the beautiful mosaic of God’s kingdom following the Holy Spirit’s lead at CHIC 2018.

Download the Pre-CHIC Curriculum

Make and Deepen Disciples

Posture Shift is a nationally leading, biblically sound, missiological training course designed to enhance inclusion and relational care of LGBTQ+ people in the church. Pastors and leaders can now become certified to teach Posture Shift! MDD would love to connect with any ECC leaders who attend one of the Posture Shift certification events taking place this summer.

Connect with us through this form

Start and Strengthen churches

Start and Strengthen Churches has been running full speed! At Gather in mid-June, we welcomed 16 church candidates for membership in the Covenant, and 30 church planters who had signed Covenant Agreements began their journey toward becoming member churches. A few days later SSC hosted a church planting assessment event at Hillcrest Covenant Church near Kansas City, Missouri, for potential church planters and their spouses. As a result, 11 new plants will move toward launch. We are excited to see what the future holds for these church plants as well as others currently in the process.

Find out more about the Covenant Church Planting Process


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