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From Royale – Grace Children’s Center

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Good Morning Church Family – 

Many of you have probably heard that I have obtained a position.  I am going to be the child care director at Grace Children's Center.  I began my position yesterday and there is a lot to do!  I would definitely appreciate your prayers.  I am excited to let you know that my family and I are not going anywhere – we will continue to worship and serve at Midway as God leads and directs.


However, in my new position at Grace Children's Center, I am looking for a few recommendations and people.  If you know of anyone that could help me out in the following areas, please let me know.  You can share my work email with people you may think are interested… royalegueswel@yahoo.com


1)  I am looking for a professional handyman/contractor who could help me remove a slide and board up the opening.  As well as determine if the play structure would be supported well enough without the slide.


2)  I am looking for several contractors to provide bids on replacing hard surface floors in the entire building


3)  I am looking for 2 teachers – one to take on the morning toddler classroom and one to be a floater/substitute until the fall and then help open a new classroom.  

Teachers need to be 18 or older.  Starting pay is 11.00 an hour.  The teachers talk about what a great team environment they have with one another.


I would appreciate any leads you can send me!  AND ALL THE PRAYERS!