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Four Important Announcements

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THURSDAY Dinner and a Study – No Dinner and Study December 20 and 27. Dinners and study will resume January 10.

THE CAN FOR CHANGE – Remember to fill up your soup can label and lid to help Covenant World Relief support healthy communities.
We will collect your Cans for Change This Sunday December 23.

SUNDAY, DURING THE SERVICE, IS OUR CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS PROGRAM – Featuring music by instrumentalists of all ages, and the students taking music lessons in the “Lessons in the Library” on Fridays. Stories, poems, exploring some of the origins of our Christmas traditions ….all tied together with music. You won’t want to miss it!

Christian Formation Party – This Sunday, December 23 all ages will get together after the service and have a Party! Bring your favorite Christmas goodies to share and we will have snacks, warm drinks, games and . . .