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E-News – August 8, 2020

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Office Assistant

The Leadership Team is actively seeking a part-time Office Assistant, beginning with 10 hours per week and hopefully increasing to 20 hours. Notify the Office or one of the pastors if interested in the position.

From the Leadership Team

Midway Future Seekers

The Leadership Team, staff and worship leaders are now addressing the findings of the SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) in preparing for its next meeting. Each leader is being challenged to brainstorm ways and resources to transform weaknesses and threats to strengths and opportunities.

What can you do? join us in praying for the future of Midway Covenant! May we all trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not on our own understanding; may we all submit to him in all our ways, and (watch him) make our paths straight (Prov. 3:5-6).

Montessori School

Montessori school representatives are working through the required documents for various inspections (Actual question: “Do you know where your Certificate of Occupancy is filed?” Like from back in the 60s??). They now know that they cannot have total occupancy of their preferred rooms, as some are also our preferred rooms for the ministries of the church. We are waiting to hear if they want to continue pursuing Midway Covenant as their future location.

Leadership Team Meeting

The next Leadership Team meeting is Wednesday, August 12, at 7 PM. Concerns and questions you want to address to the Team can be emailed to Chair Ruth Hill, ruthhill27@gmail.com.

Prayer Concerns

“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” – Colossians 4:2

  • Terrance – diabetes, neuropathy, heart condition, and someone stole his luggage from the airport; needs clothing and shoes.
  • Jade – single mom, 6 kids, has a disabled daughter named Zenna that has been bedridden for years. 
  • Pierre and Crystal – three children, Olivia (7 months), Luciano (3), Omarrioma (14) needing understanding, wisdom, guidance, protection from Covid.
  • Doctors Joan and Diego Pascua – prayer for family and healing 
  • Erin – left for rehab on the 7th for 90 days.
  • Zoe – 9 year- anxiety due to mom going to rehab for 90 days.
  • Holly Dowsing – injured while bathing her cat. Prayer that wounds won’t become infected and peace upon home.

Upcoming Sermons

Acts: The Movement Begins

August 9, 2020 – “Expanding Mission: The Lord’s Hand Was With Them” [Acts 11:19-29]God is expanding His Church to reach the Gentiles in large numbers. The city of Antioch in Syria becomes the center of Gentile mission because brave Jewish believers were willing to share the good news with Gentiles.  In Antioch, Barnabas will affirm the ministry and go find Saul in Tarsus and bring him to help in the rapidly growing Antioch church.

August 16, 2020 – “Prison Break” [Acts 12:1-19]

August 23, 2020 – [Acts 12:25–13:12]

Special Days


Rick Gettis, September 22


none this week….