Loving God, Loving One Another, Loving the World

Announcements from Sunday, October 28

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FLOWERS – The flowers on the Communion table were provided by Cheri Brady.

If anyone has a special date that they would like to bring flowers for the altar, to please contact Susan Maury.

The schedule is put together two months in advance.


THURSDAY Dinner and a Study – We get together for a Mexican Food Dinner  at 6:15 pm in the Fellowship Hall.

A-F bring Fruit and Chips, G-Z bring Your Favorite Mexican Dish.

Bible Study – “Book by Book: Genesis” and Youth Group following from 7:00 to 8:30 pm.


WORK PARTY – There will be a work party here at our church Saturday, November 3, from 9:00 am to noon.


KARATE CLASS AT MCCC – Kokondo Karate classes are being held at the church on Mondays and Thursdays at 3pm in the Fellowship Hall. Everyone over 16 is welcome! Contact Dale Dowsing (206-824-7031) for more information.


DAYLIGHT SAVINGS – Remember to turn your clocks back one hour this Saturday, November 3.


BIRTHDAYS – Hannah Bement 10/31 and Dave Rohland 11/3

If a birthday or anniversary has been forgotten or mistaken, please contact us at the church office so we can update our records.


NEXT WEEK is Communion, Pastor David continues the Series A New Way of Life with the message “The Basin and the Towel” from John 13:1-17.


Adult Christian Formation Class, Shaun Higgins discussed the Missional Marker “Compelling Christian Community.”

Our challenge for this week is:

Choose a way to build up a brother or sister in Christ by

   ___  Ask them if you can pray for them (and do it then.)

   ___  Do something for/help them.

  ___  Do an “I see you” for them (tell or write them that you saw them doing something good.)

  ___  Ask someone out for coffee.

   ___  Or, do something else of your own choosing!