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Announcements from Sunday, June 10

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The flowers on the Communion table were provided by Annie Hill.



Lilly Balladone

High School Diploma, Mount Rainier High School

Joel Maury-Holmes

High School Diploma, Redlands California

Allen Roach

High School Diploma, Fife High School

Cody Small

High School Diploma, TAF Academy (Technology

Access Foundation)

Elijah Maret

High School Diploma and AA Degree, Green River Community College

Joseph Rohland

AA Degree in Church Music, Portland Bible College


SEMI-ANNUAL MEETING AND POTLUCK – This Saturday, June 16, Potluck starts at 6 p.m. with Meeting following at 7 p.m.,

A-J bring main dish & salad and K-Z bring main dish & dessert.


SUMMER SCHEDULE BEGINS JUNE 17- Sunday Service will start 10:00 a.m. this coming Sunday!

There will be no Christian Formation Classes during the summer but, we will have Children’s Church.


PICNICS IN THE PARK – Sundays after the service, July 1 thru August 26, we will meet at a park or someone's home for a church wide picnic.

A sign-up sheet will be in the narthex soon if you want to host a week and/or pick the location!


BIRTHDAYS – Jessica Garcia 6/12, Matt Maury 6/13, Kavon Yazdi 6/13, Bunny McKnight 6/14, Alyssa Wolf 6/14, and Desiree Clayton 6/16.


NEXT WEEK  Pastor David continues the series The Spirit of Leadership with the message “Look at the Heart” from 1 Samuel 15:34 -16:13.