Announcements from Sunday, July 16



FLOWERS – The flowers on the Communion table were provided by Marlys Dupleich.


Nursery Helpers Needed: We are looking for 2 people to fill the following dates: August 13 – We are also looking for 1 person for  August 6 and Sept 3.  Please contact Royale if you are available


PICNICS IN THE PARK – We still need some folks to host (pick the location and get there early) for us. Sign-up sheet in the narthex.  If there are any dates not hosted, we will take those Sundays off.


2017 PAC-NWC Women Ministries Fall Retreat  is September 22-24 at Cascades Camp.  More information and registration forms are       available in the Narthex.


BIRTHDAYS – Skip Carter 7/17 and Spencer Scott 7/20.

If a birthday or anniversary has been forgotten or mistaken, please contact us at the church office so we can update our records.



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Daylight Savings this Weekend

Announcements from Sunday, March 4

Tonight’s Dinner and a Study