Loving God, Loving One Another, Loving the World

Announcements from Mother’s Day, May 14

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FLOWERS – The flowers on the Communion table were provided by Doris Dungan.


THURSDAY Dinner and a Study –  We get together May 16 for a Mac and Cheese  dinner at 6:00.  A-F bring Veggies and Fruit, G-Z bring Mac and Cheese.  Men’s and Women’s classes and Youth Group afterward from 7 to 8:30.


HELP NEEDED – On Fridays we have our Smart with Art classes for the Midway Elementary Students.  Please contact Dave in the office if you can help any of the next five Fridays!


VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES – this year for   Des Moines events such as the Waterland carnival, fireworks show, community BBQ, Concerts in the Park, Wine/Art walk, and more.  Lets get together and boldly follow Christ in community, pursuing  life-transforming relationships, for God's honor and  glory. Contact John DeLong or sign-up to volunteer in the narthex!


BIRTHDAYS – Alaina Dungan 5/14, Sharon Lambuth 5/14, Jim Bement 5/19 and Audrey Clark 5/22.

ANNIVERSARIES – Matt & Royale Lockhart 5/22.

If a birthday or anniversary has been forgotten or mistaken,  please contact us at the church office so we can update our records.