David Johnson

Since 1990 I have been blessed to serve in ministry in a variety of Covenant churches, churches both large and small, from brand new churches to congregations with over a century of history.

With a background in teaching, music, and drama, it has always been my passion to communicate the unchanging good news of Jesus in fresh and creative ways that bridge all of our cultural, social, and generational diversity. I am excited to walk with this congregation during this season of their ministry because there is a renewed hunger and enthusiasm to reach out to a changing and hurting community with the transforming love of Jesus.

The Beatitudes as a description of life in the kingdom, a life of worship and mutual care for the hurting.

Feed My Lambs

February 13, 2011
Matthew 26:69-75 & John 21:15-23


February 6, 2011
Abbreviated meditation to complement mission team sharing.

As for Me and My House…

January 30, 2011
Our mutual call to commitment to follow the Lord into the future He has for us.
Our greatness comes in our heart of service, humility, and hospitality to those the world doesn't value.
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